Titan Killer: The Attack on Titan Flash Game

I’ve been playing this game long enough that I figured I should post about it.

Attack on Titan is an anime that has been sweeping across the internet as of late. And I know I’m right because there are a crap ton of Tumblr posts about it. If it hits Tumblr, the internet is obsessing about it!

Anyways, it’s a show about giant, zombie-looking monsters called “titans” that attack the last bastion of humanity for reasons unknown, and the three friends who want to destroy them all so that they can take their world back. As far as the anime goes, it’s rather good. What seems like a generic “I want to be the strongest so I can defeat evil!” show ends up having lots of layers of mystery and conspiracy added to it that draws you in. The animation is also fluid and high-quality. Honestly the best part in my opinion, though, are the 3D Maneuver Gears that the main characters use, which allow them to swing about the city to slash at the titans’ weakspots.

When watching Attack on Titan, one of the first things I thought was “this would be really cool as a videogame!” It turns out that Fenglee had the same thought, because he (or she! can’t be sure.) ended up making Titan Killer. 

I was unprepared for how addictive this game was going to be. It pretty much perfectly simulates what I’d want in an Attack on Titan game. You use the Q, E, and Space buttons to fly around the battlefield, swinging across buildings – and even the titans themselves – to slash at that crucial point on the back of a titan’s neck. It’s hard to get used to the gravity, at first. But climb over the learning curve, and your’e going to have a blast, especially if you’re an AoT fan. Also cool is that Fenglee is constantly updating the game, adding new moves like wall runs and jumps, and characters that have special attacks: Mikasa, for example, has a straight downward slash that does massive damage, while Armin does a dance to distract the titans before going in for a kill. It’s fun to see the new developments that get added, and I’m excited to see where Fenglee will take it next.

Today there was news of a 3DS Attack on Titan game being made. While I’m intrigued as to how the game will play, I’m already convinced that it will have a lot to live up to in comparison to Titan Killer.

If you want to play, check it out here.

And if you’re still wondering what the game plays like before checking it out yourself, here’s some footage of the game’s latest update:


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